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Summer Activities for Your Kids
What are your kids doing this summer? Sitting around playing video games all day? Or do you have something healthier and more fun in mind?
Keep Your Young Athlete Safe During Summer Training
Summer sports can be a fun experience for your kids. However, the heat can be dangerous.
Top 5 Tips for Getting Glowing Summer Skin
Your skin needs extra attention, especially during the summer when more of it is exposed and is susceptible to the sun’s damaging rays.
Keeping Your Kids' Health on Track this Summer
Keep your child healthy and safe this summer.
How to Keep Your Body Hydrated & Mineralized this Summer
What happens to your body as you sweat out important minerals like sodium and potassium?
Get Your Kids into Books this Summer
Summer is perfect for expanding your child's horizons with books.
Making the Best of Your Child's Summer Break
It's summertime, and you want to make the most of your children's time off.
Summer Safety Tips from the AAP
Enjoy summer fun and make memories that will last a lifetime without injuries that can ruin the season.
Ep68 - 11 Tips to Stay Healthy this Summer: Marnie Oursler
11 tips to stay healthy this summer with DIY star Marnie Oursler.
11 Ways to Stay Healthy this Summer (Even When You’re Busy)
Sports have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I grew up playing soccer and softball and attended East Carolina University on a softball scholarship. Before...
Summer Party Safety
Summer parties bring special concerns for keeping your children safe.
5 Summer Foods to Eat in July
What summer foods should you be adding to your grocery list?
4 Health Problems That Can Feel Worse During Summer
The summer months can actually make certain illnesses feel worse.
Traveling this Summer? Make Sure Your Children Are Vaccinated
Summer is often a time for family travel. Vaccinations are necessary to ensure a healthy trip for both kids and adults.
Summer: Trauma Season in the ER
Keep yourself and your children out of the ER this summer.
Recovery from Summer Skin Damage
Spending your summer days in the sun and water can wreak havoc on your skin, even if you're diligent about using sunscreen and other protective methods.
Light & Natural Low-Calorie Summer Drinks
Michelle Dudash returns to Clean Food Network to share her top five light and natural low-calorie summer drinks.
Light & Natural Low-Calorie Summer Drinks
Michelle Dudash returns to Clean Food Network to share her top five light and natural low-calorie summer drinks.
Healthy Summer Cocktails & Mocktails
Cut your calories and treat your body to fresh summer cocktails and mocktails.
Clean Snacks for Summer
Whether you're heading to the beach or trying to keep your kids satisfied when they're home on summer break, it's essential to have some healthy snacks on hand.
Clean Snacks for Summer
Whether you're heading to the beach or trying to keep your kids satisfied when they're home on summer break, it's essential to have some healthy snacks on hand.
Simple Summer Detox Improves Skin & Energy Levels
Summer is a great time to finally shake the cobwebs of the cooler, darker spring and winter months.
Sun & Sweat: Exercising in the Summer Heat
As May turns into June and the temperature steadily increases, we start finding any reason to get outside and get moving. After spending the long, cold winter cooped up indoors...
Summer Sweat: What's the Best Way to Stay Hydrated?
Should you be drinking strictly water, or can sports drinks help you stay hydrated?
14 Dangerous Summer Foods
What are the top foods that could cause food poisoning this summer?
Bug Off: How to Prevent Insect Bites this Summer
What are the dangers of being bitten by bugs during the summer months?
Hot Potato Salad: Summer Food Safety Tips & Tricks
Are there any foods you should be avoiding during the summer months?
Food Allergies: 5 Tips for Navigating Summer BBQs
What are some key things to do if you have a food allergy and are attending a social BBQ?
Keep Up Reading & Math Skills Over Summer Break
With your help, your child won't start the next school year needing a complete refresher.
Summer Skin Safety: Get the 411 on Sunscreens
With the recent revelation of harmful ingredients in sunscreen products, how can you find a safe one that will work for you?
Recipe for Your Summer Health & Fitness
Can you actually get in great shape with a simple recipe?
Top Weight Loss Tips for Getting Your Body Summer Ready
With summer just around the corner, it's time to fire up your fat burn and shed some pounds.
Summer Safety: Hidden Bacterial Dangers
Bacteria and other germs may be lurking at some of your fun Summer hot spots. Learn your potential risks.
Summer Lovin’: Rise in Sexuality & Feeling Left Out
Summer time is great for sex. But, what if you just don't feel like doing it?
Summer Body Fat Fix
Hoping to lose some fat for summer?
Cold Soup Recipes for the Dog Days of Summer
How can you make a hot soup into a chilled version?
Bites & Stings: Keep Your Child Safe this Summer
What are the different types of reactions to bee stings?
8 Ways to Be a Better You Before Summer, No Dieting Required
What are the small changes you need to make in order to live a happy and fulfilled life?
Picking a Summer Camp that Fits Your Child's Personality
When choosing a summer camp, you need to know which one is right for your child.
Top Summer Food Safety Tips
With all the Backyard BBQs, picnics and parties, have you ever thought how safe your food is out in the hot summer sun?
Dangers of the Summer Sun
The hot summer sun can feel like such a relief after a long winter. But there are critical things to consider when it comes to the sun's rays.
Your Recipe for Healthy Summer Snacking
Summertime is a busy, fun and active time of year. Learn some healthy snacks that you can take on the go.
Choosing Your Child's Summer Camp
It's difficult to think about your kids' summer camp choices in the midst of all this cold. But being proactive can give them the best experience possible.
Aloe Vera - More Than a Summer Staple
If your moisturizer or sunscreen boasts aloe on the bottle, are you guaranteed to reap the benefits? Not exactly.
Summer Health & Beauty Tips
With summer upon us, the hot temps can take a toll on your skin and overall health. It's more important than ever to be armed with the do's & don'ts of summer weather.
Summer Eye Health
Take care of your eyes as you enjoy the great outdoors.
Summer Travel: Preparation for Fun
Being prepared for summer trips will make adventures easier on your entire family.
Summer Skin Safety
Learn some tips to keep your skin safe this summer.
Summer Heat Safety Tips
As we head into the dog days of summer, you may find yourself at an increased risk of dehydration and heat-related problems.
Portable Snacks & Mini Meals for Summer Travel
It can be challenging to eat healthy on the road, but being prepared can make a huge difference.
Portable Snacks & Mini Meals for Summer Travel
It can be challenging to eat healthy on the road, but being prepared can make a huge difference.
Ask Dr. Mike: Summer Weight Loss Tips & Grains or No Grains?
Listen in as Dr. Mike provides the answers to a wealth of health and wellness questions.
Summer Skin Care
Daily use of sunscreen is crucial for the health and beauty of your skin.
Summer Travel Tips for Families: Surviving Cars, Planes & Hotels
Vacations are fun, but traveling with your children can also be very stressful.
Photokeratitis: Keep Your Eyes Healthy During Summer Months
How can you protect your eyes from the sun?
Summer Sizzle: Master Chef's Healthy Grilling Tips
Are healthy grilling recipes attainable?
Don't Let Water Activities Lead to Tragedy this Summer
According to the CDC, approximately 10 people die from unintentional drowning every day .
Summer Safety: Preventing Against Tick-Borne Disease
Lyme disease often takes the forefront when considering tick-borne illnesses, but other tick-borne diseases can be equally dangerous.
Top Post-Summer Skin Issues & How to Fix Them
As we head into the cooler months, the weather change impacts your skin. You may notice changes to texture, tone, perhaps some breakouts and over all ruddiness and damage from...
Recipe Round-Up: Stay Cool with 10 Yummy Popsicles
The sunny, long days of summer combined with the thought of frozen treats can awaken the child-like excitement inside each one of us. Popsicles are magnificent portable summer...
Water Safety for the Summer
The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) feels strongly that parents should never -- even for a moment -- leave children alone near open bodies of water.
Planning for Summer Camp Already? You Bet!
Is your little camper really ready for the sleep away experience? And how can you help them prepare to be away from you for the first time?
From Summer to Winter: Working Out in Different Climates
Does working outside in the cold burn more calories?
Juicing for a Summer Body
Do you know which juicer is best for your lifestyle?
Summer’s Most Infectious Bacteria
Watch out for summer's most infectious bugs (bacteria, not mosquitoes!).
No Air Conditioning? Tricks for Staying Cool
As we've all noticed this Summer, heat waves are on the rise. But how can you beat the heat when you don’t have air conditioning? When Summer Turns Sour It’s the time of year...
Spring Clean Your Diet
From strawberries to asparagus, spring brings a ton of new produce options.
6 Sunless Ways to Achieve a Summer Glow
Summer style ideas to keep you looking (and feeling) calm, cool and sweetly sun kissed.
Spring & Summer Superfoods
Looking to banish that winter bloat? Learn the top Spring and Summer super foods to get you on your way to a flatter tummy.
A Surprisingly Safe & Effective Way to Remove Ticks
Last summer, we were worried about drought. Not so much this summer, as our rain dances seem to have worked, and many parts of the country have already had their fair share of...
Food Insecurity: Summertime Hunger
What happens to school lunch recipients during summer months?
Beauty Tips to Beat the Heat
Even if you enjoy the summer months, your skin and hair don't always like the heat and humidity that accompany the...
Surprising Summertime BBQ Ideas
Backyard grills beckon as the schoolyear schedule lets up a bit, the weather gets warmer, and the thought of turning on the oven makes you break into a sweat. Summertime is made...
Sunscreen Mistakes: Know the Difference Between UVA & UVB Rays
What are the most common mistakes when applying sunscreen?
Cool Move: Taking Your Fitness Routine Outside
Exercising outside in the summer months can be fun and rewarding, but it can also be dangerous.
Fireworks Safety: Don't Let Fun Turn to Tragedy
Fireworks can be fun and magical, especially for children. But don't let your fireworks fun turn into a tragedy this summer.
The Ugly Truth About Artificial Colors
Before you grab those Popsicles and colorful drinks to help your kids cool off this summer, you need to learn the ugly truth about artificial colors.
5 Foods to Defy Post-Flight “Dehydration Face”
Fourth of July weekend in front of us means it’s officially high summer and most people are gearing up for their vacations. For many, that will include air travel, and possibly...
Bugs, Bites, Stings & Rashes
Send the kids outside to play. Avoid and treat issues from pests, allergies and heat with these tips.
Sunny Days: Watch That Sun Exposure!
Stay safe as you enjoy the sunshine with your family.
EP 842 How to Avoid Dangerous Heatstroke
You're outside on a hot, summer day. Even though you're sitting, you start to feel nauseous and disoriented. Could it be heatstroke?
Familial Hypercholesterolemia: When High Cholesterol & Early Heart Disease Runs in the Family
I grew up in a house that was always active, either in sports or outdoors. So, you might wonder how someone like me, now 48 years old, has already had double bypass, six stents,...
Put Your Best Fork Forward this Spring
There’s something about spring that inspires many of us to clean out our closets and our kitchen cabinets. So, it’s fitting that National Nutrition Month ® falls in March, a...
Gym Goals: How to Save on Your Fitness Membership
Thinking about joining a gym to meet your fitness goals? There are steps you can take to help save on your membership fees. Weigh Your Options The good news is that there are...
Lawnmower Injuries: Prevent Them Before They Happen!
Ahhhh the smell of summer! Which also brings with it lawnmower injuries. Are your kids ready to mow the lawn by themselves?
Be Sun Smart
Getting too many rays can have significant impacts on your health.
5 Foods to Defy Post-Flight Dehydration
It’s officially high summer and people are taking to the skies for vacation and business travel. You know the drill. You’re given some peanuts, the drink cart makes a couple of...
Dehydration: Prevention & Treatment Tips
Watch for signs of dehydration and know how to treat them.
How Weather Fluctuations Impact Your Lungs
Learn how to navigate summer heat with minimal breathing issues.
Biking: A New & Healthy Adventure
I love being active. I know that this may be one of those generic statements at which people tend to be puzzled. But, I really do mean it when I say I love being active....
Reasons You Feel Old & Get Fat
What happens to your body as you age? Why do things seem to fall apart?
Beer's Healthy Benefits: Choosing the Right Brew for You
With summer and warmer weather comes getting out more often for dinner and hosting backyard BBQs. And, with that, it follows that people tend to imbibe in their favorite...
Weight Check-In: Tips for a Healthy Autumn
Why do Fall foods seem heavier? Are they actually heavier than summer produce?
Ask Dr. Mike: Vitamin D Dosing & Taking Probiotics on an Empty Stomach
Listen in as Dr. Mike provides the answers to a wealth of health and wellness questions.
Zucchini on My Mind
I recently noticed a variety of zucchini recipes popping up on my social media newsfeeds. It could be because they are in abundant supply this time of year, but I believe it is...
Running in the Heat: How to Stay Healthy on Race Day
Running a race in the summer has many benefits, but also some risks.
Beach Safety: Part 2
Pediatric emergency physician, Dr. Amy Baxter discusses how to keep your kids safe and healthy on the beach this summer.
Beach Safety: Part 1
Pediatric emergency physician, Dr. Amy Baxter, discusses how to keep your kids safe and healthy on the beach this summer.
3 Red Flags of Chronic Dry Eye
If your eyes constantly feel dry and itchy, you may want to consider seeing your doctor.
Staying Active Without Getting Injured
As a physician and orthopaedic surgeon, I try to encourage all my patients to be active. Sports are a great way to stay in shape, spend time with family and friends, and even...

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