HPV and Teens: Start the Discussion

Ella Hamilton, - CNP, Coon Rapids clinic - Speaker Bio
Ella Hamilton, CNP is a board-certified nurse practitioner specializing in pediatrics. She has professional interests in adolescent health, mental health and health promotion. She became a nurse practitioner because: she wanted to help children as they grow through different ages and stages. she saw a pediatric provider when she was little who had a great impact on me. She has six younger siblings and from an early age she took care of their scrapes and cuts; that’s when she knew she wanted to become a provider.

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  • Topic Info:There is a lot of buzz about the importance of the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine for preteens, especially for girls. What often gets missed is that boys need the vaccine, too. First, it's important to know that HPV is unfortunately very common. Almost 80 million Americans have been infected, and almost 15 million new infections happen every year. HPV is linked with certain types of cancer and the development of genital warts.

    The good news is that the HPV vaccine can significantly reduce the likelihood of developing cancer and warts. The bad news is that the number of people receiving the vaccine in the United States is too low. 

    Listen in as Ella Hamilton, CNP discusses the importance of the HPV vaccine.