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3 Vitamins That Are Difficult to Obtain

Trigg Thielke - Speaker Bio
Trigg Thielke has 15 years’ experience providing patient care and counseling in a variety of settings, including in hospitals and retail pharmacies. He completed his pre-pharmacy studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and earned his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Wisconsin School of Pharmacy in Madison.

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  • Topic Info:There are a multitude of vitamins and minerals that help your body grow and stay healthy.

    However, humans must regularly consume 13 essential vitamins, anywhere from 20-29+ essential minerals, two essential fatty acids and nine essential amino acids to survive. It's best to try to get these through your diet first, and supplement when needed.

    Aspirus Pharmacist, Trigg Thielke shares three vitamins that are difficult to obtain in optimal amounts even with a well-balanced diet. In this segment he provides education and insight into these vitamins that include: Vitamin D3; Vitamin K2 MK-7 and Magnesium.