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Stacey's Story: Gastric Bypass

Stacey Anders - Speaker Bio
Stacey is 38 years old and has 2 children (ages 12 and 14). She was overweight her entire adult life. She tried every diet under the sun – she would lose a little, but then gain it all back. She decided to pursue bariatric surgery, when she felt that it was the only option that would help her.

She went from 305 pounds to 138 pounds in about 18 months.

Her life is completely different than the one she lived as an overweight person. She ran a 5K and has energy to do anything! She rode roller coasters & water slides with her children for the first time.
  • Topic Info:Mother Stacey Anders struggled with weight her entire adult life. She decided to pursue bariatric surgery.

    Listen as Stacey shares her story of life before and after bariatric surgery.