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Men’s Health: Key Things to Know as You Age

R. James Yu, MD, Medical Director of Robotic & Urologic Oncology Services - Speaker Bio
R. James Yu, MD, is a Urologist and the Medical Director of Robotic & Genito-urinary Oncology Services at Marin General Hospital.

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  • Many men are hesitant to go to the urologist. Some think they should accept urinary or erectile issues as unavoidable side effects of aging. Others decide to wait until their symptoms worsen, even though their quality of life is affected. Dr. R. James Yu urges men not to dismiss urinary and erectile issues as just a “fact of life.”

    In this podcast, he discusses when a man should consider seeing a urologist and what symptoms to look for. He also covers PSA tests, prostate hyperplasia and how to collaborate with your physician to make the treatment decisions that are best for you.