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Now You’re Tracking! Manage Your Family’s Health with the Wildflower Mobile App

Leah Sparks - Speaker Bio
Leah Sparks is the founder and CEO of Wildflower Health.
  • Are you the “Family Health Officer”? Beyond managing your ownhealth do you watch over your children’s health, urge your spouse to go to the doctor, or make sure your parents get their flu and shingles shots? If this sounds like you, then the Wildflower Family Health Organizer App is just the mobile health management tool you need.

    In this podcast, Wildflower Health CEO and founder, Leah Sparks, provides an overview of the Wildflower app’s uses, benefits and impressive capabilities. Unlike other health monitoring apps, Wildflower has a local focus, partnering with Marin General Hospital and Marin-based healthcare providers and resources. Create appointment reminders, record immunizations, log information from doctor visits, monitor your children’s growth, discover local health resources, and access valuable, vetted health information – all from your mobile device.