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Vocal Therapy for Voice Disorders

Marissa Yoes, MS - Speaker Bio
Marissa Yoes, MS earned her bachelors and master’s degrees in Speech-Language Pathology at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona. She holds a certificate of clinical competence through the American Speech- Language Hearing Association and a license through the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. She has worked in early intervention, K-12 schools, and outpatient clinics for pediatric and adult patients. Ms. Yoes has completed specialized training in the areas of apraxia, augmentative and alternative communication, orofunctional myology, resonant voice therapy, and social- pragmatic language skills.
  • Topic Info:Many people have experienced losing their voice at some point. It may be from a cold or a respiratory illness, or it might be caused by a disorder of the of vocal chords. If you have a voice change that lasts for a few weeks, you may need to consider seeing a specialist that can help you with your voice disorder.

    Joining the show to discuss voice disorders and treatment options available is Marissa Yoes, MS CCC-SLP. She is a Speech-Language Pathologist with Meritus Health.