Impact of Bipolar Disorder on Family & Friends

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    Having someone who has bipolar disorder in your life can be stressful and even devastating.

    Very few articles or stories talk about how painfully hard it is to deal with a person who is manic, and how it can have a profoundly negative effect on the quality of life for the people who love them.

    A person who is prone to manic episodes can (and does) become very difficult to deal with for days or weeks on end.  Psychiatric expert, R. Murali Krishna, MD, is an expert on mental health and has valuable firsthand experience of living with someone who is bipolar.  

    Dr. Krishna explains what living with a patient is like, how to handle the severe disruptions that symptoms create, and how to support the person through recovery.

    He also discusses coping mechanisms you can employ to help you maintain a healthy relationship with a bipolar loved one. 

  • Book Title: Vibrant: To Heal and Be Whole
  • Host: Melanie Cole, MS