What Really Turns Women Off

  • Topic Info:You may think you've found the perfect companion; but as time passes, you find more things that aggravate you and completely turn you off.

    Some habits are small and inconsequential when it comes to the big picture. In any successful relationship, you can't waste your time picking out every single flaw.

    It's also true that only you can determine how to react based on how your partner acts.

    Obviously not every single woman is the same, which makes women even that more challenging to figure out. What one woman likes, another woman will hate. However, there are some similarities of turn-offs when it comes to looking for the right man.

    Clinical psychologist, blog contributor and author, Dr. Paula Bloom, discusses the top turn-offs for women, as well as how to approach your relationships in a new way.
  • Book Title: Why Does He Do That? Why Does She Do That? Two Relationship Experts Reveal the Naked Truth About Dating in the 21st Century
  • Host: Melanie Cole, MS