Exercising Your Dog: Good for Both of You

  • Topic Info:All dogs need to find ways to burn their energy, and depending on your dog's breed, your furry friend may need more exercise throughout the day than just your typical walk.

    Just like humans, exercise has multiple benefits for dogs.

    For example, exercising your four-legged buddy increases bone, joint, heart and lung health and can even increase your dog's lifespan.

    Exercise can also help decrease anxiety, build trust and confidence, and eliminate play biting, jumping, and barking.

    What types of exercises are optimal for your dog, and when should you begin utilizing them?

    Certified animal behavior consultant, Steve Dale, CABC, shares what types of dog exercises are available, how often your dog needs exercise and at what age your dog should be getting exercise.
  • Book Title: Decoding Your Dog
  • Host: Melanie Cole, MS