Stay Stress-Free While Planning Your Wedding

  • Topic Info:You just got engaged to the love of your life and you are overjoyed with emotions. Planning the wedding should be a fun, exciting and happy time... right?

    Staying within a budget PLUS trying to please yourself, your partner, your parents and your soon-to-be in-laws can drive even the most grounded person to insanity.

    It's no wonder typically easy-going women turn into bridezillas.

    It happens to almost everyone, so why aren't more brides speaking out about the true stressors involved with planning a wedding?

    Turns out it's not just the bride-to-be that gets overwhelmed. A recent survey found that 23 percent of men said they found planning their big day was the most stressful life event.

    Is there a way to stay calm, cool and collected through all the planning?

    Bridal coach and stress management expert, Jeri Kadison, shares how to stay stress-free throughout the planning of your big day.
  • Host: Melanie Cole, MS