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Generic Vs Brand Name Medications: Is There a Difference?

Laura Balsamini, Pharm D., BCPS - Speaker Bio
Laura Balsamini, PharmD, BCPS, specializes in medication therapy management, drug use and drug safety review, and continuing pharmacotherapy education for physicians. As Director of Pharmacy Services for Summit Medical Group, Dr. Balsamini advises physicians about drug use and control. She also develops and evaluates clinical guidelines for medication protocols. Dr. Balsamini teaches patients about the benefits and side effects of their medications as well as the importance of taking medications as prescribed.

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  • Topic Info:Generic drugs may save you money, but are they really the same as brand medications?

    It’s a question many people ask, especially when they have to be on long-term medication for chronic conditions.

    Some groups have raised questions about the government’s requirements for proving a generic drug acts in the same way as the brand-name drug.  

    Learn more about the safety and efficiency of generic drugs from medication specialist Laura Balsamini, Director of Pharmacy Services at Summit Medical Group.  

    Balsamini is an expert in managing medications and advises physicians about drug use and control and will share her insights about brand drugs versus medications on a special SMG radio podcast.