The Latest Research on The Cancer Crisis in Appalachia

Nengliang (Aaron) Yao, Ph.D - Speaker Bio
Nengliang (Aaron) Yao, Ph.D is an Assistant Professor with the Department of Public Health Sciences.

  • Topic Info:Research from the School of Medicine shows that rural Appalachia now has the highest cancer death rates in the country. Nengliang (Aaron) Yao, PhD, and other researchers in UVA’s Department of Public Health Sciences examined decades of data obtained from the National Center for Health Statistics. They found that cancer incidence declined in every region of the country between 1969 and 2011 except rural Appalachia, where it increased. 

    Listen in as Nengliang (Aaron) Yao, Ph.D discusses the research being conducted to help discover why the cancer rate is increasing in rural Appalachia.