Debunking Clinical Trials Myths

Dina Halme, Ph.D - Speaker Bio
Dina Halme, Ph.D is the Associate Director for Research Program Administration for UVA Cancer Center. An immunologist by training, she is focused exclusively on facilitating research done by the member of the Cancer Center. Because of her scientific background, Halme contributes to fostering collaborations and thinking strategically about recruitment efforts.

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  • Topic Info:A clinical trial is a scientific study that tests the effectiveness of a treatment, a device or a drug. A trial could test, for example, the effectiveness of blood pressure medication in lowering blood pressure or whether a certain drug could decrease cholesterol.

    Clinical Trials are important in finding new cures for diseases, yet many people are skeptical of participating in clinical trial.

    Dina Halme, Ph.D  discusses the importance of clinical trials and myths that are associated with them.