International Travel and Vaccines

Tania Thomas, MD - Speaker Bio
Dr. Tania Thomas is an Assistant Professor in Infectious Diseases and International Health at UVA School of Medicine. She oversees the UVA Traveler's Clinic and provides counseling to foreign and domestic travelers on the vaccines they should be getting for safe travel.

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  • Topic Info:At UVA Travelers' Clinic, we provide pre-departure assessments and counseling for any international traveler. We see adults and children who may travel for:

    Vacation, including visits to friends and relatives
    Business, including health-care related work.

    We focus on illness and injury prevention information. We also offer guidance and medication for self-treatable conditions such as traveler's diarrhea, altitude sickness and jet lag.

    Listen in as Tania Thomas, MD discusses the UVA Travelers' Clinic where you can find reliable information on vaccines for safe travel.