Note to the CDC: Change Course Before the Iceberg

Posted On Monday, 28 January 2013
Note to the CDC: Change Course Before the Iceberg
The mission of the CDC is as follows:

"Collaborating to create the expertise, information, and tools that people and communities need to protect their health – through health promotion, prevention of disease, injury and disability, and preparedness for new health threats"

In my opinion - as well as many other doctors, physicians, PhD's, pharmacists, chiropractors, public health officials, and health care practitioners - the CDC is failing in it's mission.

The CDC is like any other giant government organization, in that it tends to change course only after it hits the iceberg. In the first portion of the above mission statement it says collaboration, but in reality, that's not what happens. True collaboration would mean to work with anyone who has a hand in health care, which is not just medical doctors, osteopathic doctors, and PhD's.

I have reversed thousands of cases of heart failure, treated and reversed thousands of patients with heart disease and have never received a call from the CDC to "collaborate". In addition, the best people I know in all fields of medicine who are integrating models and systems with amazing documented success have never received a call from the CDC.

In regards to prevention, I believe the CDC is failing dramatically there. There are two major ways to prevent disease, prevent exposure to dangerous events, chemicals, and toxins, and maintain adequate nutrient levels. First of all, the CDC claims that only 10% of America has depleted vitamins and minerals.

The crazy thing here is that the CDC is the only one saying that, and even researches from within the CDC have questioned their own findings. I can tell you as a practicing physician that almost every patient I come across has a clinical deficiency in nutrients, meaning that when I provide a specific nutrient there health improves. The CDC uses a variety of different ways to measure nutrients, all of which in my opinion miss early detection.

For example, in B12 deficiency people can eventually grow larger red blood cells and acquire a type of anemia. However, to enlarge the cells a patient needs to be deficient for months to years, depending on diet and absorption of B12. The CDC waits for the disease (anemia) to occur and misses in my opinion an opportunity to prevent the disease.

A simple question and answer session with a patient can easily diagnose B12 deficiency adequately, and the remedy, some under the lounge or IM injection B12 is a low cost, low risk way to reverse the current systems and prevent the disease.

In regards to exposure from toxins and chemicals, the CDC may again be failing in its mission.

Have you read what is in our food? The rule used to be that a chemical could not be added to food unless shown to be safe alone, and with chemicals it would be routinely mixed with. Now, it seams that the chemicals have to be shown to cause illness when out in the marketplace and than are pulled off the shelves. We have to prove people are getting hurt for soapier soap?

In my mind, our kids are particularly at risk. Between depleted nutrient levels, toxins from potential over-vaccination and mercury exposure, and chemicals in the food we now have the sickest kids on record.

In reference to the iceberg, it is being hit right now in the form of Autism. While I am sure that there is a genetic predisposition, it is an acquired disease.

In closing I wish to say to the CDC that America is sick and getting sicker and we largely know why, and can still prevent catastrophic levels of disease. I ask you to ring the bell and ask for the binoculars to be sent up to the tower. Collaboration with all walks of medicine can give you the sight you need to avoid the iceberg.

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