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Ask Dr. Mike: Vitamin D3 vs. D2, Protein & Diabetes

Dr. Mike provides the answers to a wealth of health and wellness questions.

Hypnotherapy: A Cure for What Ails You?

Hypnosis has been shown to be very effective in addressing nicotine addiction, pain management, fears and phobias, depression, and weight loss.
Guest: Kathy Gruver, PhD

The Promise & Perils of eCigarettes

E-Cigarette sales are exploding while advocates and opponents are passionately debating how society should respond.
Guest: Daniel Lieberman, MD

3 Healthy Eating Habits for Kids

A lifetime of healthy eating starts with three simple habits while your children are still young.
Guest: Dina Rose, PhD

Could Cinnamon Stop Parkinson’s In Its Tracks?

Could a new treatment for Parkinson's disease be something as simple as cinnamon?

Ask Dr. Mike: Multivitamins, Organic Food, Ebola & Supplements

Find the answers to a wealth of health and wellness questions, posed by YOU!

Tips for Managing Lupus

Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease with a long list of unpleasant symptoms.
Guest: Marisa Zeppieri-Caruana, Author

5 Strategies for Preventing & Overcoming Migraines

If you suffer from migraines, you may find relief with this five-step therapeutic approach.
Guest: Todd Nelson, ND

Are Your Food Choices Making You Miserable?

Nutrition and diet play important roles in maintaining a healthy, balanced mood.
Guest: Aimée Shunney, ND
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