Is it Time to Consider Laser Resurfacing?

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Summary: In the hands of a qualified professional, you can see remarkable results. But which laser is best for you?
Air Date: 5/13/13
Duration: 10
Host: Melanie Cole, MS
Guest Bio: Deanna Stellato
Deanna StellatoCombining innovative skin care with patient-focused care, Deanna Stellato, the lead esthetician at The Geldner Center is making beauty soar well beyond skin deep. Bringing a dose of expertise and passion to The Geldner Center, Stellato, a native of Illinois, is a pro in pampering.

A former American figure skater, Deanna fondly remembers being rewarded by her mother with spa days and luxurious facials after winning competitions; prizes that would inevitably lead her to a fulfilling career in aesthetics. After retiring from competitive figure skating and coaching, Deanna enrolled in the College of Beauty Culture. She received her aesthetics license and went on to further her knowledge of advanced medical aesthetics with a variety of specialty skincare courses.

Finding a fit at The Geldner Center's Chicago office, Deanna specializes in more than a dozen types of skincare peels and facials. Deanna's skincare expertise has been recognized by Allure, Chicago Social, Michigan Avenue and New Beauty.
Is it Time to Consider Laser Resurfacing?
Laser resurfacing is a procedure that can drastically improve the flaws of your skin.  

Recently, this field of cosmetic procedures has revolutionized the industry. The treatment is not a substitute for a face lift; however, it can tighten loose skin and remove deep lines, wrinkles and scars.  

The lasers used in this procedure can be categorized into ablative and non-ablative. Non-ablative lasers are less invasive and require less downtime, while the ablative approach is generally more effective. The two lasers most commonly used are carbon dioxide (CO2) and erbium.  

In the hands of a qualified professional, you can see remarkable results. But which laser is best for you?  

Director of esthetics at The Geldner Center in Chicago, Deanna Stellato, discusses what you can expect during and after treatment, as well as downtime, cost and possible dangers of the procedure.


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