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Erectile Dysfunction After Prostate Cancer Treatment

Jonathan “Nick” Warner, MD - Speaker Bio
Jonathan N. Warner, MD is an assistant Professor in Division of Urology and Urologic Oncology, Department of Surgery.

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  • Topic Info:Patients with prostate cancer that hasn't spread beyond the gland itself have a broad range of treatment options – including surgery, radiation therapy and active surveillance. However, with those treatment options come certain side effects such as incontinence, bowel function and erectile dysfunction.

    Many men will have ED occasionally, and this is not cause for any worry. However, if ED becomes a consistent problem, it can cause emotional distress, impact your quality of life and may be an indicator of an underlying health issue. If you are suffering from ED, talk to us. Our experts at City of Hope have many effective treatment options available for you.

    In this segment, Jonathan N. Warner, MD., discusses treatments for erectile dysfunction after prostate cancer.