Eastside Neuroscience Institute - Expanding Care to Patients Living with Parkinson’s Disease

Daniel Burdick, MD | Ryder Gwinn, MD - Speaker Bio
My approach is one of shared decision-making. I'm expert at understanding the symptoms of movement disorders and at knowing what effects different treatments may have, but only you know your goals. Once I understand your goals, I can make suggestions that help you achieve them. 

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Ryder Gwinn, MD tries to combine technology with traditional Neurosurgical techniques to find the least invasive therapy with the highest chance of success for patients suffering from disorders of the spine and central nervous system. 

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  • Dr. Ryder Gwinn, a surgeon at EvergreenHealth Neurosurgery, and Dr. Daniel Burdick, Physician at EvergreenHealth Booth Gardner Parkinson's Care Center, join us to discuss the Eastside Neuroscience Institute and how it will further assist in the care of patients with Parkinson's Disease.