Eastside Neuroscience Institute - A Partnership with Innovative Care Treating Patients with Serious Brain Conditions

David Likosky, MD | Asif Khan, MD | Dustin Hayward, MD - Speaker Bio
David Likosky, MD is Eastside Health Alliance Neuroscience Executive Medical Director and Physician at EvergreenHealth Neurohospitalists Services. 

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Asif Khan, MD is a Physician at Overlake Neuroscience Institute. 

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Dr. Dustin Hayward is an expert in cerebrovascular, endovascular, and brain tumor surgery. 

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  • Dr. David Likosky, Dr. Asif Khan, and Dr. Dustin Hayward join us to discuss the EHA Neuroscience Joint Venture- Cerebrovascular and Stroke program. A program that joins EvergreenHealth and Overlake Medical Center in providing rapid, high-quality care for patients experiencing strokes and emergency Cerebralvascular conditions. Dr. David Likosky is the Executive Medical Director at Eastside Health Alliance Neuroscience and a Physician at EvergreenHealth Neurohospitalists Services. Dr. Asif Khan is a Physician at Overlake Neuroscience Institute. Dr. Dustin Hayward is a Physician and Neurosurgeon at EvergreenHealth Neurosurgery.