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The Best Advice for Healthy Holiday Eating

Mary-Elyse Edgar - Speaker Bio
Mary-Elyse Edgar is a registered dietitian with Greenville Health System.
  • Topic Info:As the holiday season ramps up, we may have some of our favorite traditional foods on our minds. Many of these traditional foods are considered less than healthy since they are typically loaded with saturated fat, salt, sugar and animal products, all waiting their turn to clog our arteries, raise our blood pressure and lure us into a diabetic coma if we overdo it.

    There are so many choices and some of them are just pans of sugary, marshmallow-covered side dishes masquerading as orange vegetables.

    Listen in as Mary-Elyse Edgar explains that this holiday season, resolve to be mindful of your food choices, exercise daily and, most importantly, make the commitment to maintain these changes throughout the next year.