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Benefits of Minimally Invasive Colorectal Surgery

Vincent Obias, MD - Speaker Bio
Dr. Vincent Obias is the Chief of the Division of Colon and Rectal Surgery and a member of the medical staff at the George Washington University Hospital and is affiliated with The George Washington University Hospital and GW Medical Faculty Associates.

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  • Topic Info:Vincent Obias, MD, FACS, FASCRS, describes the benefits of minimally invasive colorectal surgery, whether laparoscopic or robotic. As the first surgeon in the region to use robotics for colorectal procedures, Dr. Obias encourages patients to consider the benefits the approach can bring, including less pain, fewer days spent in the hospital, and a quicker return to daily life. He also explains which patients might not be candidates for this approach, such as those who have scar tissue from previous surgeries or who have been diagnosed with a complex cancer involving many organ systems.