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Stroke 101 – From Prevention to Detection to Emergency Care

Ilkcan Cokgor, MD - Speaker Bio
Ilkcan Cokgor, MD is a neurologist and a member of the medical staff at MarinHealth Medical Center.

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  • A stroke may seem like it came out of the blue, but chances are the victim has been living with the risk factors for years. Caught early, some strokes have no lasting consequences. But a stroke can also have permanent, severe neurological consequences. Fortunately for Marin, our community hospital has an award-winning primary stroke center.

    Get the stroke information you need straight from an expert. Medical Director of MarinHealth Medical Center's Spine & Brain Institute and neurologist Ilkcan Cokgor, MD discusses stroke prevention and treatment. Get an overview of MarinHealth Medical Center’s highly respected Stroke Program, and most importantly, learn – and memorize – the symptoms of stroke. The life you save could be your own.