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The Amazing Benefits of Aquatic Therapy

Carolyn Bradley, DPT - Speaker Bio
Carolyn Bradley, DPT earned her doctorate of physical therapy from the University of Maryland, Baltimore. Her special interests include manual therapy and orthopedic injuries and rehabilitation.

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  • Topic Info:You don't have to be a former hospital or rehabilitation patient to enjoy the benefits of aquatic exercise. With our wellness aquatic therapy programs, you'll enjoy activity in an environment that provides both resistance and assistance to movement.

    Aquatic therapy can decrease swelling, increase circulation, improve flexibility, and even strengthen and tone muscles. And because the water helps support your weight, you can exercise without putting undue stress on your joints. It's a wonderful exercise option for people with back problems, arthritis, or joint replacements. It's beneficial for expectant mothers as well.

    Here to discuss the amazing benefits of aquatic therapy is Carolyn Bradley, DPT, she is a physical therapist with Meritus Health.