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Treating Mitral Regurgitation with Transcatheter Mitral Heart Valve Procedures

James D Flaherty, MD - Speaker Bio
James D. Flaherty, MD is an associate professor of medicine in interventional cardiology. His clinical interests include transcatheter valve therapies such as transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR), coronary artery interventions, acute coronary syndromes and critical care. His research interests include valvular heart disease including outcomes following TAVR, novel valve therapies and
neuroprotection for cardiac procedures as well as coronary revascularization in special populations and by radial artery access. 

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  • Topic Info:James D. Flaherty, MD discusses treating mitral regurgitation with transcatheter mitral heart valve procedures. He shares the procedure and indications for a transcatheter mitral valve replacement/repair, including mitral valve in valve, and why referring physicians should consider Northwestern Medicine for their patients transcatheter mitral replacement/repair procedure.