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Bladder Sparing Treatments: The Genomic Approach

Joshua J. Meeks, MD, PhD - Speaker Bio
Dr. Meeks is an Urologic Oncologist and Assistant Professor of Urology at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, He is a urologic surgeon with expertise in the diagnosis, treatment and management of bladder cancer. His research interests focus on both the epigenetics and genetic mutations associated with cancer biology. Specifically, he is studying how chromatin remodeling genes play a role in bladder cancer. In addition, he is investigating the “driver mutations found in bladder cancer. In the future, he hopes to develop novel systemic and intravesical therapies to improve survival of patients with bladder cancer. His research laboratory is focused on the molecular pathways involved in the progression of urothelial carcinoma (bladder cancer). His research has two themes: 1) to investigate the epigenetic mechanisms of gene regulation in bladder cancer and 2) to identify the interaction of the immune response to tumor mutations.
  • Topic Info:Joshua J. Meeks, MD, PhD, discusses his work exploring the complex genomic landscape of muscle-invasive bladder cancer (MIBC). He talks about his recent review published in Nature Reviews Urology examining the concept of genomic heterogeneity as a predictor of treatment outcomes for MIBC. Ultimately, he hopes to use genomic information to develop novel systemic and intravesical therapies that would preserve the bladder and quality of life without shortening survival in MIBC patients.