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Balancing the Microbiome for Optimal Heart Health

  • Topic Info:The microbiome is an "unseen organ" composed of trillions of bacteria that play a vital role in keeping you healthy. 

    Contrary to what medical experts used to think about bacteria, these microorganisms are crucial for optimal health, including heart health.

    Inflammation is one of the main causes of heart disease. Modulating inflammation is one of the key tasks of the microbiome.

    But, you must be conscious of keeping your microbiome healthy.

    One way to do that is by eating foods that promote growth and health of the microbiota. For instance, vegetables that have certain fibers, like artichokes, radishes, jicama, and leeks. Fermented foods that increase the diversity and health of the microbiome ecology include kimchi and sauerkraut.

    A healthy microbiome can even change the genetic profiles associated with coronary artery disease. 

    Listen in as Raphael Kellman, MD, joins host Lisa Davis to explain what the microbiome is, why it's important for heart (and overall health), and how you can improve the health of your microbiota.
  • Book Title: The Microbiome Diet