Learn the Differences Between Hepatitis C and A

  • Topic Info:Hepatitis A and C can be easily confused, but their differences are very real.

    For instance, Hepatitis C (HCV) often presents no visible symptoms for decades. While HCV infects over 3.2 million, while most sufferers do not even know that they have the disease.

    Chronic infection with HCV can last a lifetime, leading to serious consequences including liver scarring, cancer and death.

    However, Hepatitis C IS curable, so it's important for people to know whether or not they carry the condition.

    Hepatitis A is a highly contagious liver infection caused by the hepatitis A virus.

    You're most likely contract hepatitis A from contaminated food, water, or from close contact with someone who's infected.  Most people recover with no permanent liver damage, although it can turn into chronic hepatitis, which is a severe illness lasting several months.

    In April, 2013 a Hepatitis A outbreak spread across the nation. The outbreak was linked to Townsend Farms Organic antioxidant frozen berry/pomegranate mix. 

    Dr. Lisa Oldson, MD, explains what you need to know about these tricky illnesses, including the symptoms, treatment options and why age-based screening is so important.
  • Host: Melanie Cole, MS