Adult Bullying: A Real Problem

  • Topic Info:Is life just a continuation of high school drama?

    Even though you may have put the memories of bullies behind you, they may still be present in your adult life.

    You would presume that with maturity, people would outgrow the need to intimidate others. Moreover, you would think that adults are better able to cope with such tactics. But this isn't necessarily true.

    An adult bully's MO is to target people who the bully feels threatened by. Children tend to resort to physical violence or name-calling, while adult bullies gear towards emotional or psychological abuse.

    Dr. Raj, MD, MS, who is double board-certified in adult psychiatry and addiction medicine and an esteemed author, defines adult bullying and how to recognize if you are being bullied.

    He also provides solutions for you to remove yourself from a toxic relationship or environment.
  • Book Title: You Are More Than That
  • Host: Melanie Cole, MS