How to Deal with a Bridezilla

  • Topic Info:An engagement should be the happiest time of your life, right?

    Well, maybe not.

    Planning a wedding can be extremely stressful. 

    You have probably heard horror stories of soon-to-be brides making irrational, diva-like demands and passive-aggressive comments... Not to mention the extreme mood swings.  And really, given the stress surrounding wedding details, this kind of behavior seems inevitable. 

    That's the bride's typical MO; but what about the bridesmaids? When you are asked to be an attendant at a friend's wedding you are probably simultaneously excited and fearful. If she turns into a crazed drill sergeant, do you just go with the flow or communicate your frustrations with her unusual requests?

    And if YOU are the one getting married, what are the warning signs that you are turning into a bridezilla? 

    Bridal counselor and author of Emotionally Engaged: A Bride's Guide to Surviving the "Happiest" Time of Her Life, Allison Moir-Smith, provides experts tips and techniques on how to deal with a bridezilla as well as how to avoid becoming one yourself. 

  • Book Title: Emotionally Engaged: A Bride's Guide to Surviving the
  • Host: Melanie Cole, MS