Avoiding the Dreaded Freshman 15

  • Topic Info:Going to college is a milestone. Family and friends may joke around with you about the dreaded "Freshman 15" right before you leave for school. It can become a painful memory down the road, with you trying to avoid photos of the unflattering weight gain.

    The cause of this phenomenon is not unfounded. Learning how to cope with the separation and transition from home to independence requires a lot of adjustments. Alcohol, late-night and binge eating, and processed foods and stress are all associated with the "college experience," and are considered to be catalysts for the excessive weight gain. It's easy to get used to the pizza, burgers and late-night junk food that this experience offers.

    However, not everyone gains the legendary freshman 15; some gain less, or in some cases, even more. Studies show that an average freshman college student will gain anywhere from five to nine pounds during his or her first year. These habits and pounds can add up, making it challenging to lose the weight once school has ceased.

    The best way to stop freshman weight gain is to understand how to prevent it.

    Join special guest, Dr. Felicia Stoler, as she shares healthy tips and advice on how to avoid the freshman 15.
  • Book Title: Living Skinny in Fat Genes
  • Host: Melanie Cole, MS