Brittle Winter Hair: The Healthy Hair Diet

  • Topic Info:The temperatures are dropping, the snow is flying and you're stocking up on flannel sheets and wool socks.

    Yup, it's officially winter... which brings with it certain beauty challenges, including the state of your locks. After you shower and try everything possible to get your hair to look as good as it did in the summer, you may begin to question if it's acceptable to wear a baseball cap for the next several months.

    Frizzy, dry, brittle hair leaves your scalp flaky and itchy. There's really no point in trying to manage your hair during the brutal months of winter.

    Or is there? Why does this happen?

    When the temperatures drop outside, the heat inside your home, office and gym are turned up so high that alternating between the hot and cold damages your hair. The winter months take away the moisture from your skin and your hair, making your scalp flaky and itchy.

    If foods can help prevent the flu, can certain foods also help tame your brittle winter hair?

    Diplomat of the American Board of Hair Restoration, Dr. Robert Dorin, DO, discusses why your hair needs extra care in the winter, as well as some foods that can help tame those chaotic strands.
  • Host: Melanie Cole, MS