What Millennials Need to Know About Saving & Finance

  • Topic Info:Millennials may know a thing or two about what's trending in the social world, but when it comes to saving and planning for the future, they often don't have a clue as to the importance behind a steady bank account.

    Generation X and the rest of the world may say Millennials are lazy, narcissistic, have an itch for traveling and want to spend money any way possible.

    However, most Millennials have little or no money or are using their entire paycheck just to stay afloat.

    A study conducted by Financial Finesse found that 29 percent of millennial respondents figured out how much money they will need for retirement, and only 17 percent believe they are on track to retire with 80 percent of their income.

    What about the rest of the millennial generation?

    Author and consultant on next generation career and workplace trends, Lindsey Pollak, discusses what every Millennial needs to know about saving and finance.
  • Book Title: Getting From College to Career: Your Essential Guide to Succeeding in the Real World
  • Host: Melanie Cole, MS