Is the Nation Ready in the Event of a Disaster?

  • Topic Info:In recent years, there have been many tragic events and national disasters in the U.S. From 9/11 to multiple shootings in our nation's schools, airports and even movie theaters, to the Boston Marathon bombing and countless other events, it seems these days that you never know when a disaster or mass casualty event will take place.

    Is our nation ready?

    The newest ACEP Emergency Medical Environment report card was recently released, and the U.S. overall grade in disaster preparedness was a C-.

    This grade would strongly indicate that our medical system as a whole is not as prepared as it should be. Certainly, there are isolated incidents where the system shines, but overall, it needs some work.

    In this segment, Dr. Paul Kivela joins Dr. Leigh to discuss the findings of the report card, as well as what you can do to help improve the overall grade.

    Check the grades and see where your state ranks at

    Additionally, see what you can do to help improve the Nation's grade here.
  • Host: Dr. Leigh Vinocur, MD