Ways to Emerge from Heartbreak

  • Topic Info:When you're in a long, loving relationship, it's hard to process that you've just been dumped. If the breakup was out of nowhere, it can leave you more vulnerable than ever.

    You may think the best therapy post-breakup is a tub of your favorite Ben and Jerry's, a sappy romantic comedy and to take shelter on your couch for weeks.

    This is not the answer.

    If you don't allow yourself to move on, it only damages your overall health. Depression, lack of sleep, junk-food eating and reflecting on the past will keep you from moving past the breakup and finding love again.

    When you're grieving, it's hard to focus on staying healthy and positive. The most important way to emerge from heartbreak is to love yourself and take time for yourself.

    Licensed psychologist, Dr. Sherrie Campbell, PhD, shares ways to emerge out of your heartbreak in a healthy and positive way.
  • Book Title: Loving Yourself: The Mastery of Being Your Own Person
  • Host: Melanie Cole, MS