Can Cord Blood Cure Sickle Cell?

  • Topic Info:Sickle cell disease is a condition that changes normal, round red blood cells into cells that are shaped like half moons. Sickle cells move through your blood stream and have a higher risk getting stuck on blood vessels, which can stop oxygen from getting through.

    Sickle cell is an inherited disease that causes lifelong health problems such as horrible pain and anemia. Antibiotics and immunizations are available to help maintain pain but there is no widely available cure other than stem cell donation, which can be very hard to find a direct match.

    What about Cord Blood?

    Chloe Pratt, a five-year-old girl was born with sickle cell. Chloe was fortunate and received a stem cell donation taken from the umbilical cord blood of her brother. Chloe is now a healthy and active child.

    Pediatric hematology and oncology and stem cell transplant specialist, Joel Weinthal, MD, and Father of Chloe Pratt, Kebreon Pratt, share Chloe's story,  as well as how cord blood helped Chloe become a healthier child and if cord blood can someday cure sickle cell disease.
  • Host: Melanie Cole, MS