Simple Workouts to Do in Your Hotel Room

  • Topic Info:Whether you've had to travel for work or a relaxing vacation, have you ever panicked about when you could fit in a workout? If you're a fitness fanatic, the thought of taking a vacation from your workout routines can send your anxiety through the roof.

    What if there was a way to go on vacation while still having time to get an effective workout?

    It IS possible to work out at the airport or on the plane. It won't be a huge sweat session, but it still counts as exercise. When you're on the plane, just getting up and walking around can help your body. Sitting down, lifting your legs and moving your feet into tiny circular motions can also get your blood moving.

    Hotel fitness rooms are often small and offer little equipment; but if you pack certain items, you can stay in your room and still get some exercise. A great item to bring along is resistance bands. They are light and have different strengths for different exercises. For example, you can use resistance bands for squats, bicep curls and shoulder presses.

    What about cardiovascular exercises?

    Jumping jacks, squat jumps, jumping lunges or burpees work extremely well in raising your heart rate and breaking a sweat. Guess what? No equipment is needed for this either.

    What are some other exercises you can do while traveling or in your hotel room?

    Camille Rowe, exercise physiologist, shares simple yet effective workouts that you can preform while traveling.
  • Host: Melanie Cole, MS