Holistic Pain Relief: Strategies to Manage & Eliminate Pain

  • Topic Info:Whether you suffer from headaches, back aches, joint pain or any other type of bodily discomfort, you know what a literal pain in the behind it can be.

    The frustrating thing about pain is when it has no real, identifiable cause. Many doctors are quick to diagnose pain as something else and prescribe medications to address the problem.

    Dr. Heather Tick knows this all too well. Dr. Tick went through traditional medical school, where she realized she was learning nothing about nutrition or the power of the body to actually heal itself given the right tools.

    Fortunately, Dr. Tick had a European background and was raised with a good sense of natural and holistic healing.

    She has used all of her background, experiences and medical training to develop a holistic approach to pain relief that really works.

    For instance, you need to realize that every time you eat, you change your body chemistry... you either become more inflamed or less inflamed. A less inflamed body will help reduce pain. The diet you should adhere to in order to achieve this reduction in inflammation is high in natural plant foods: mostly vegetables, but also some fruits, beans, legumes, and whole grains (whole and unprocessed).

    Also, you should eliminate sugar as much as you can.

    The sugar part is difficult. The Food Industry has learned that if they get you to eat the right combination of sugar, salt and fat, you will overeat and they will sell more of these same foods.

    The Food Industry has also convinced us that cooking is complicated, which spurs the sale of processed foods.

    The result is that the U.S. uses far less spices than other countries. These spices not only have healing benefits but also make food taste good and allow you to love your food.

    Dr. Tick also says there is a direct connection between stress and pain. You need some stress (good stress). But it is a matter of how stress affects you; whether it gets to you and become distress. This distress (bad stress) puts your body in a pro-inflammatory state, and may cause lost sleep, pain, headaches, and other negative effects.

    It's not just physical pain that's affecting you, either. Physical, psychological, emotional, mental, even social and financial pain can have a huge impact on your life. You can counteract these pains through mind/body strategies such as meditation and support groups.

    Finally, take the approach of "eat, pray, love and sleep." In North America we don't get enough sleep. This is partially due to too much exposure to light, which causes restless sleep. The light interrupts your body's ability to secrete melatonin, and without the proper levels of melatonin, your body simply cannot sleep soundly.

    Join Dr. Tick as she shares a wealth of information on simple and effective ways to eliminate and manage your pain.
  • Host: Andrea Donsky, RHN and Lisa Davis, MPH