Healthy Steps: GMOs & Harmful Ingredients in Prescription Drugs

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    In this edition of "Healthy Steps with Dr. Ginger," she discusses what's happening in the world of natural health.

    GMOs and Other Harmful Ingredients in Prescription Drugs

    Do you know what harmful ingredients might be hiding in your prescription drugs?

    You take a drug to feel better; but unfortunately, both the active ingredients and the inactive ingredients in certain prescription drugs can have terribly negative health effects.

    For example, the drug Xanax, which is used to treat anxiety, contains the following inactive ingredients:

    • Corn starch, which is most likely made from GMO corn.
    • Lactose, to which some people are very sensitive.
    • Sodium benzoate, a preservative that's a known carcinogen.
    • Magnesium stearate, partially taken from cotton seed, which is one of the highest pesticide-laden crops.
    • A number of artificial colors that are petroleum-based. 

    So, what can you do if you're suffering from something like anxiety or depression and you need relief?

    If there are natural ways to approach a problem, always try that first. If it doesn't work, then you can always turn to the drugs.

    When you go to your pharmacist, ask them to show you the list of ingredients and you can see exactly what is in your medications.

    Look into some natural alternatives, or even a drug option that's less invasive.

    Also, find out what the root cause of your issues are, because you might be able to fix it without taking any medications.

    Finally, make sure you're getting enough of good fats and B vitamins, and seek out some herbal options such as Valerian Root and St. John's Wort. Or, try a raw food diet. Exercise will also help as it releases endorphins.

    Collecting Rainwater on Your Own Property Illegal in Some States

    Who would have thought that collecting rainwater could get you in trouble? Especially with some of the drought issues certain states have been having, you might think that would be a viable option for watering gardens or flowers.

    Just don't try it in the states of Utah, Washington and Colorado where it's considered "unlawful diversion of rainwater." It's an older law, and one that needs revisiting. Collecting rainwater would actually save and conserve water. It's very green and Eco-friendly. Plus, it poses no real health threats. Clearly, the benefits outweigh the negative aspects (if there are any).

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