Sweet Side of Raw & Vegan Foods

  • Topic Info:When you think of raw foods, your mind might immediately go to things like vegetables and fruits, green juices and smoothies.

    What you probably don't think about are bakery goods or sweet treats.

    That is about to change.

    Christina Ross is the founder of PatisseRaw, an online bakery where you can find vegan and raw goodies with no refined sugar, gluten, wheat, eggs, dairy or GMOs. All of the items available are made with raw, plant-based, whole food ingredients.

    She considers herself to be a "conscious chef," bringing energy and vitality into both her recipes and the classes she teaches.

    Ross is featured in the China Study All-Star Collection Cookbook, which is a prestigious whole foods vegan cookbook that profiles recipes with all plant-based ingredients.

    Even though the recipes may seem decadent, they are full of nutrient-dense elements and healthy fats.

    Want some ideas to get started on your own?

    Christina joins Andrea in this segment to share some of her recipes, as well as her explain approach towards living and loving foods.

    Blueberry Dreamsicles
    Combine lemon juice, blueberries and coconut milk (and maple syrup if you like a tad bit sweeter taste), plus pomegranate stems for the "sticks." Blend ingredients together in blender, pour into a popsicle container, stick in the twigs and freeze.

    Energy Crepe Wraps
    These crepes are filled with peanut butter, bananas, dates and cacao and make a tasty and nutritious breakfast.
  • Host: Andrea Donsky, RHN and Lisa Davis, MPH