6 Natural Ways to Ease Migraines

  • Topic Info:Migraines are horrible to experience.

    Even if you haven't suffered from them routinely, they can pop up later in life, especially as your hormones change.

    Symptoms can include intense pain, seeing wavy/squiggly lines or spots of light (called auras), nausea, mood changes such as depression or irritability, and changes in appetite or cravings for certain foods.

    Dr. Anjan Chatterjee knows the pain and symptoms of migraines all too well, having suffered with them from a very young age. And, as a neurologist, he has also met with countless patients who have struggled with migraines as well.

    Instead of being stymied by his condition, Dr. Chatterjee found ways to address his migraine symptoms and reduce the number of episodes he had.

    What are some ways you can do the same?

    Lifestyle changes are huge.

    One shift that Dr. Chatterjee highly recommends is regimenting your life. The more uncertainty you have about your daily schedule, the more anxiety and stress you have, which are two of the biggest triggers of migraines.

    In Dr. Chatterjee's words, "Be boring; regularity is good!"

    Second, get enough rest. Sleep is very important; but oversleeping can trigger migraines as well, so make sure you're getting the number of hours your body requires.

    Third, eat on a regular schedule. Nothing brings on a migraine faster than skipping a meal or fasting.

    Fourth, make sure you're well hydrated, especially if you exercise. While a regular exercise regimen is good for warding off migraines, too much vigorous exercise can trigger migraines via dehydration.

    Fifth, identify triggers in certain foods such as red wine, chocolate, aged cheese, meats, and artificial sweeteners. Some research has suggested that if you reduce the amount of fat in your diet, you can reduce the number of migraines you experience.

    Finally, things like yoga or acupuncture can also be helpful.

    Tune in as Dr. Chatterjee joins Andrea and Lisa to share more information on easing migraine pain and even potentially eliminating your migraines altogether.
  • Host: Andrea Donsky, RHN and Lisa Davis, MPH