The Cruelty of Judging Hunger by Obesity

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    There is no greater sadness or travesty than stunting the human potential.

    Threatening the health and development of children, food insecurity represents one of the most serious social and health-related issues in the United States.

    Food insecurity affects 16 million children in this country, leaving one in five children hungry and without consistent access to nutrient-rich, healthful food.

    In some food insecure households, families are left choosing less expensive, calorie-dense food; resulting in overweight children who are still lacking the healthy, nutrient-rich foods their bodies need.

    A child can look overweight and yet still be hungry for nutrients, because limited income leads to a trade-off between food quantity and food quality.

    In this segment on Eat Right Radio, Libby Mills discusses:
    • The truth about the hunger/obesity paradox and the health and social impact of hungry children.
    • How registered dietitian nutritionists are feeding hungry children to eliminate that hunger.
    • How you can help make a difference.
  • Host: Melanie Cole, MS