Is It Time to Do a Life Cleanse?

  • Topic Info:When you hear the word "cleanse," you may think of the popular juice cleanses that are highly marketed these days.

    What about expanding your thoughts on cleanses to potentially doing a life cleanse?

    First, what does that even mean?

    Alicia Haywood is nailing down exactly what it means.

    Alicia was feeling that she was on this path that wasn't her own. She had been working hard for so many years for other people; helping them get to where they wanted (or needed) to go. But, Alicia had this realization that she needed to ask herself where SHE was in all of that.

    She began to ask questions like, "Where am I?" and "Where is MY life in all of the things around me?"

    This is not to say that she didn't enjoy the work that she was doing. She has loved and cherished helping others all of these years. But, she did feel like she needed to step back and assess if she was really in her own life; if she was experiencing her own life. In a sense, Alicia almost felt like she was about to miss her life.

    So, she started peeling things back; peeling back layers of work, obligations, and just the "stuff" that we all surround ourselves with.

    As a result, Alicia gave nearly all of her material possessions away.

    What she then realized, was that many of the things she had released were representative of a part of her life that no longer existed. She needed to get them out of her way so her brain could be free, so she could let her creativity come to surface, and so that she could, for once, let her heart lead the way.

    It didn't happen overnight, of course. There can be an element of shock and even grief to let all the familiar things go. But these feelings, and the lack of the "standard" answers, is all part of the process and the experience.

    How can you make this shift in your own life, so that you don't miss "your turn"?

    Listen in as Alicia joins Andrea and Lisa to share her own journey and life cleanse, as well as how it may help you achieve something you've been missing in life.
  • Host: Andrea Donsky, RHN and Lisa Davis, MPH