Tea: Good for the Body, Good for the Soul

  • Topic Info:Cold weather is a wonderful time to snuggle up next to a hot fireplace and drink your favorite tea.

    But, more than keeping your insides warm, teas have amazing health benefits.

    For example, tea of the black, green and oolong varieties contain the compound theanine, which relaxes your body and stimulates your mind. This compound helps balance out the caffeine in tea, but if you're sensitive to caffeine you might want to pair your tea with food.

    If you're looking for a mild cup of tea, you can add things like milk to temper the taste. There are many herbal varieties that are also quite mild, such as vanilla, chamomile, and honey.

    CEO of Bigelow Tea, Cindi Bigelow, joins Andrea and Lisa to share more about the benefits of tea, as well as how Bigelow Tea ensures their teas are of the highest quality.
  • Host: Andrea Donsky, RHN and Lisa Davis, MPH