You Are Getting Sleepy: Hypnosis 101

  • Topic Info:You may have seen someone hypnotized on TV, or during a stage show, or perhaps have even been hypnotized yourself.

    What really IS hypnosis? And, can anyone fall under this "spell"?

    In simple terms, hypnosis involves actively focusing your attention and allowing your subconscious mind to put "suggestions" into your conscious mind.

    All hypnosis is really self-hypnosis. Any time that you day-dream, or miss your exit because you're deep in thought about something else, you're in somewhat of a trance state. This trance state is the cornerstone of hypnosis.

    Performing for 40 years as a magician, Mark David Kroll wanted to expand his talents to include comedy stage hypnosis. He studied for and received a certification as a certified hypnotist and has been offering various hypnosis approaches to help with such things as smoking cessation and weight loss.

    Kroll describes it as "subconscious reprogramming" in order to help people overcome their bad habits and behaviors. 

    Listen in as Kroll joins Andrea and Lisa to share more about hypnosis and how it can help individuals overcome self-destructive behaviors.
  • Host: Andrea Donsky, RHN and Lisa Davis, MPH