Drug-Free Methods for Overcoming Chronic Pain

  • Topic Info:Most people who suffer from chronic pain quickly come to realize that total reliance on medications is not the answer.

    Unfortunately, many get caught up in the vicious cycle of needing more and more drugs to help relieve their pain, which can lead to addiction and even death.

    If you're suffering from chronic pain, how can you take fewer medications, and if possible, no medications at all?

    Dr. Liza Leal, Chief Medical Officer and co-founder of Meridian Medical Dental Healthcare, offers patients a comprehensive range of services of integrated medicine. And, she also is certified to treat patients who suffer from substance abuse and addiction: an essential part of the chronic pain process.

    Dr. Leal's passion to help others stemmed from her own issues with chronic pain, having developed rheumatoid arthritis in her third year of medical school.

    Some methods that Dr. Leal uses in her own practice include supplements and herbal medicine, as well as dietary and lifestyle changes. She advocates highly for anti-inflammatory foods such as rich, colorful produce (berries, pineapple, asparagus). 

    She also encourages patients to seek out physicians who are willing and open to try alternative ways to deal with chronic pain. 

    Listen in as Dr. Leal joins Dr. Susanne to share the methods she uses in her own practice, including the increasingly effective modality of LED light therapy for reducing chronic pain. She also share the four fundamental ways to attack chronic pain issues, which are explained in her book, Live Well with Chronic Pain.
  • Book Title: Live Well with Chronic Pain
  • Host: Susanne Bennett, DC