Managing Dual Diagnoses: Diabetes & Fibromyalgia

  • Topic Info:At the age of 15, Natasha Williams was suffering from dehydration, kidney infections, fatigue, and body aches and pains.

    She'd even been hospitalized due to her conditions.  

    It wasn't until a specialist looked at the bottom of Natasha's feet and noticed early signs of diabetes (dryness, cracking) that she finally had an answer.

    She was originally diagnosed with type-2 diabetes, and was using diet, exercise, stress management and proper amounts of sleep to deal with her condition.

    She and her family members were constantly monitoring her habits. But, as a teen, it's hard to follow such a strict lifestyle, especially when it arises so quickly.

    Natasha suffered with her symptoms until she was almost 31, at which time she saw an endocrinologist who suggested genetic testing. Tests revealed that Natasha actually suffered from a genetic form of diabetes, called Maturity Onset Diabetes of the Young (MODY).

    Unlike type-2 diabetes, which can be reversed with the proper treatment, MODY is a permanent situation. While you can manage the condition, there's never going to be a "cure."

    Unfortunately for Natasha, the MODY diagnosis wasn't answering questions about her continued muscle aches/pains and fatigue. Eventually, she was also diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

    But, knowledge is power, and Natasha has been able to overcome many of her symptoms by diligently tracking her foods, exercise/activity, and medications. This has helped her figure out what her triggers are.

    She says you have to know when "too much is TOO much and take care of yourself first."

    Listen in as Natasha shares more about her health journey, as well as the specific ways she has learned to address her conditions.
  • Host: Susanne Bennett, DC