Protect Your Unborn Baby from Worry, Stress & Fear

  • Topic Info:Vibrations in mothers can affect her unborn child. 

    A child's body starts to absorb energy and "feel," even in the womb. Worry, stress, fear, and anger can all have a significant impact. 

    Anything and everything that happens throughout your life, even before birth, creates an imprint, whether positive or negative. Shaman Isabella Stoloff works with individuals to remove energetic imprints that are negative.

    By shedding those imprints, you can feel lighter, brighter and happier in your life.

    Listen in as Isabella joins Andrea and Lisa to share some of the techniques you can use to calm yourself during pregnancy and reduce the amount of negative energy being passed to your unborn child.
  • Host: Andrea Donsky, RHN and Lisa Davis, MPH