Lessons from the Urban Eco-Woman

  • Topic Info:What does it mean to be an urban eco-woman?

    For Crystal Habans, it's her life-long journey.

    Urban: Crystal was born and raised in the city and still resides in the city; she has never owned a car her main modes of transportation are her bicycle, yeezy running shoes and the TTC. 

    Eco: After volunteering with various Indigenous tribes across Canada, Crystal was influenced by the way they relate to the planet/nature. Hence, concluding that the only way to preserve our planet is to become eco-conscious and eco-active. 

    Woman: She is a feminist (and not ashamed of it), she is a body-positive advocate, critiquing and challenging the mainstream beauty industry. Her online store is dedicated to only selling and promoting non-toxic beauty products. She also works with other conscious female Entrepreneurs in assisting them with amplifying their voices.

    Listen in as Crystal joins Andrea and Lisa to share more about the lessons she's learned along her journey as the Urban Eco-Woman, as well as tips for instilling positive vibes in women of all ages.
  • Host: Andrea Donsky, RHN and Lisa Davis, MPH